Hong Kong Quantum AI Lab
Develop an Integrated R&D platform of big data/machine learning, computational science & experimental measurement for materials and devices
Deliver next-generation OLED materials that will be adopted by the industry and break the current monopoly of foreign companies
Investigate the mechanism of all-solid-state Li-ion battery and design reliable Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles
Facilitate knowledge transfer, commercialisation
Provide early investments for its spin-offs to accelerate speed-to-market
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Hong Kong Quantum AI Lab
Hong Kong Quantum AI Lab (HKQAI) is developing an integrated R&D platform of big data/ machine learning, computational science and experiment to discover next-generation materials and design novel devices on computers, which will be employed to tackle the challenges in OLED and battery research.
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Professor Guanhua CHEN
  • Professor, Department of Chemistry, The University of Hong Kong