Set up by The University of Hong Kong in 2020, HKU Innovation Holdings Limited provides governance oversight of a number of subsidiary companies that focus on innovation-related research and development.


By advancing knowledge beyond boundaries through bold research innovations and global collaboration, we are committed to pursuing breakthrough ideas in science and technology to drive advances that will improve and transform the lives of people worldwide.

HKU Inno

HKU Innovation Holdings Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of Hong Kong (HKU), is incorporated to facilitate global research collaboration and impactful collaborative research.

We provide governance oversight as well as administrative support, services and guidelines to our nine subsidiary companies. Each of these companies, also known as R&D Centres, focuses on a specific area of research and development. Established under the Health@InnoHK and AIR@InnoHK clusters, these R&D Centres are led by HKU professors and are closely working with international collaborators across the globe.

Working closely with the R&D Centres, our purpose is to ensure a wholesome environment for innovation, facilitate commercialization, and transfer the research and development results into products that would have an impact on relevant industries, therefore benefit people’s work and livelihood.


InnoHK is a major initiative of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government to develop Hong Kong as the hub for global research collaboration. This involves the establishment of world-class research clusters at the Hong Kong Science Park with research laboratories set up by world renowned institutions and/ or commercial entities to conduct collaborative research.

Health@InnoHK and AIR@InnoHK are the first two research clusters established progressively.

With Health@InnoHK, we focus on various types of healthcare-related technologies.

With AIR@InnoHK, we focus on the development of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics technologies.

Overseas Collaborators

Closely Working with
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